Kristine Slotina performs improvised theatre on a regular basis at Impro Neuf with a duo - Free Foxes, coached teams Freudian SlippersHee! Haa! Who!?, various jams and women's group at Impro Neuf since 2019.
In 2020 and 2021 Kristine has also performed in various places and groups online.
She is part of ensemble Emotionally Distanced.
Some of the performances that are available are presented below. 

"Freudian Slippers" // Impro Neuf // 9.Febr.2022

"Free Foxes" // Impro Neuf // 3.Dec.2021

"Free Foxes" // Impro Neuf // 29.Sept.2021

"2021 PLAY! WRITE! PERFORM! Showcase Act 1" // 11.Oct.2021

"Free Foxes"  // Impro Neuf  // 12.May2021

"Emotionally Distanced" // 4.Apr.2021

"Free Foxes" // Impro Neuf // 1.Nov.2020

10 minutes with Jay Sukow // 22.Sept.2020

Aree Witoelar  & Kristine - Rorschach // 15.May2020

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